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The Jeroen Oerlemans Foundation has been set up by his friends and family in his memory with to goals:
1)  keep the work of Jeroen alive
2)  support his children financially through their education 
The foundation manages and markets the intellectual property of the work of Jeroen on behalf of his heirs. 
You can support the Foundation and purchase the work of Jeroen
If you would like to make another contribution, 
or if you have a specific question please contact us.
If you wish to receive the newsletter,
leave your details at the contact page as well.

The board of the foundation consists of:  

Chairman : Paul Bannink

Secretary: Gerben Dijkstra

Treasurer: Hans van der Veen

Legal advisor: Stephan Sluijters

Legal advisor: Frederik-Jan Hogewind 

Photographer: Sander Nieuwenhuys

Stichting Jeroen Oerlemans

Chambre of Commerce (KvK): number 67039766

Bank details : NL76 RABO 0313 2291 47


Photo: Stanislav Krupar

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